An artist’s inspiration can, of course, dry up just like a writer with writer’s block.  Except that I don’t know what it is called for artists. Artist’s funk, maybe?

Anyway, the way I like to cure it is by creating limits for me.  The problem with the arts is that you are always starting with a blank canvas or a blank piece of paper.  Now what??

By setting parameters you can work against those limitations.  Kind of like the limits of writing a hit single record.  With a hit single you are greatly restricted by time (less than five minutes) and you need to create a hook or else your song is dead in the water.  I like those kinds of restrictions.

One of my favorite challenges for art, when I don’t have an idea to work from, is to create a paperback pulp fiction cover design for a book that was never written. 

For this type of challenge I am restricted by format (must be vertical) and I usually need to incorporate type into the design – the title of this non-existent novel.

The best designs typically include random elements brought together. Random elements suggest surrealism, dreams, nightmares. And of course, the layout must include a vixen, a dame, a doll, a femme fatale.

Temptation available now as an art print or giclee print.

 The viewers create the story in their heads, as sordid, steamy and dark as it may be. So allow me to present my painting entitled “Temptation”.  I’ll let you take it from there.

About terrylucartblog1

I am an artist creating art and writing about art, culture and politics
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